Warning Signs of Relationships

Warning Signs for Couples and Marriages

The Ten Warning Signs of a Relationship waiting for Trouble

  1. Warning Signs for CouplesYou feel that your partner would rather go to others for support rather than you.
  2. It seems that you and your partner don’t know each other any more.
  3. What you once did for fun, excitement, and connection, doesn’t work any more.
  4. The intimacy in your relationship has declined and the feeling of passion has been reduced.
  5. You notice that either one of you and even both of you, are finding connection and meaning through other relationships either at work, socially, or even with your children.
  6. You don’t feel attractive to your partner any more.
  7. You and your partner seem to be more irritable, on edge, and impatient with each other.
  8. There are more arguments over little things and they don’t get resolved.
  9. There are periods of time when there is not much said, times of silence.
  10. It feels like the two of you are stuck and you are spinning your tires.

You don’t have to feel this way. Through couples counseling and my particular approach which is Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy, you and your partner can learn to feel more connected as a couple, have more satisfying conversations with each other, and not argue or ignore each other. Couples definitely succeed with feeling closer to one another, they feel more supported by their partner and they are so much more at ease when they take part in couples therapy with me. Instead of being stuck with your tires spinning, you can feel uplifted, happy, and know that you are going somewhere that is exciting, and your partner is at your side.

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